Why Add Voiceover to Your Property Listing Video?

Why Add Voiceover to Your Property Listing Video?

Did you know that a narrated video of your real estate listing will decrease your property’s time on the market by up to 31%? It will also help your property sell on average, at 4-9% higher price.

Sure, you could narrate your property listing video yourself. I bet you have a great sounding voice too! But you might not have a professional microphone, studio and recording software. And most importantly, you probably don’t have the time. This is why so many property listings videos that you see online don’t have professional voiceover narration!

If you are a successful Realtor, you dedicate all of your time and energy to doing what you do best. Remember, the most successful people in business know how to effectively scale their time. And for the small investment you’ll make to add professional voiceover to your property listing videos, you’ll see immediate results!

Conventional approaches to real estate marketing are certainly still effective. But it’s important to note the dramatic rise of online video content consumption, which has been escalated even more by the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, people watch over ONE BILLION hours of video on YouTube every day! Your prospective buyers are probably watching a lot of online videos, so it’s important that your marketing efforts reflect this current trend.

Creating your own real estate listing video with a slideshow of pictures or video clips is a certainly a great start. But adding narration will not only make your videos stand out from the competition, it will also ensure your viewers are watching the entire video.

Creating a Real Estate Listing Video

Here are the steps you need to take to create your video:

  • Gather photos or video clips of the property
  • Write the script
  • Hire a voice over artist to record the narration
  • Produce the video with the photos, clips, voiceover, and background music (if you choose)

Here at RealtorVoiceover.com, we can deliver a fully produced voiceover for your real estate listing video, typically the same day. If necessary, we can also help further, with writing the copy, finding the right music, as well as fully producing the video for you. You pick the level of service that best suits your needs!


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